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Accelerate Your Marketing Without Increasing Your Headcount

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"We can count on them to constantly bring new ideas to the table"

Alişan Tekinler , Founder - Software Development Expert

What is Web Design?

There are many details to be considered when creating a website. These include elements such as visuals as well as written content on the site. Web design is among the important elements of websites. This element, which affects the first impression of visitors entering the website, is also an issue that should be considered in terms of the functionality of the site. For this reason, if you are doing research to create a website, you may often encounter the term web design. Therefore, you may want to get detailed information about this subject and reach the answers to questions such as "what is web design?". In this article, you can find some basic information about what web design is and how it is done.
What is Web Design


A Brief History of the Internet and Web Design: What is the World’s First Website?

If you are planning to create a website, web design may be a subject that attracts your attention. Regardless of this, you may be aiming to become a web designer and provide services in this field. Before moving on to what web design is, let’s briefly talk about the history of the internet. Although the foundations of this technology were laid in previous years, the invention of the internet took place in the 1980s. Founded in 1991, the site with the URL is considered the world’s first website. In the 90s and 2000s, the use of the internet has become increasingly popular. In the early years of the Internet, it was seen that simpler, HTML-oriented studies were carried out in web design. In the later process, web design has become more complex. In recent years, with the widespread use of smartphones, mobile compatibility has become important in website design.

What is Web Design, What Does It Do?

One of the important elements related to websites is web design. Basically, web design is a term used for the visual design of websites. In addition to being informative, it is also a matter of attention that a website is appealing to the eye. Because the attention of many visitors is primarily attracted by the design of the website. A successful web design process can make the website more aesthetic, functional and user-friendly. Moreover, the brand can be reflected to the users with the use of necessary elements in web design. In addition, page opening speed is also an issue that can be affected by web design. Web design, which can affect all these issues, is among the details that should be considered for the success of websites.

How to Make Web Design?

Whether your goal is to create a website or to work on this subject by developing yourself in the field of web design, you may be wondering how web design is done. Let’s take a look at this issue in basic terms. Web design can be done with the help of coding from scratch. For this, coding languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Python and JavaScript can be used. In addition, in order to make web design, work can be carried out on suitable site themes. You can do the web design process by changing the elements of the theme in accordance with the design you have in mind. If you are intimidated by coding and web design, remember that it is possible to produce successful works with other methods.

What are Web Design Stages?

Whether coding or modification of specific themes, there are some important stages to web design. These include firstly planning the design. Of course, before that, the website should be created and functionalised. In the planning phase, elements such as logo can be determined by considering the characteristics of the brand. Then, according to the planned design, the desired design can be revealed by coding from scratch or by organising a suitable theme. This design can be made more customised with important elements of the brand such as logo and slogan. Afterwards, it should not be forgotten to check whether there are any errors by testing the created design. The design obtained at the end of the study should be fast, visually pleasing, functional and user-friendly.

The Importance of Design for Websites

Web design is among the important elements of a website. It is thought that it takes less than 50 milliseconds for visitors to form an opinion about a site. For a significant portion of consumers, this first impression is realised depending on the design of the site. Poor web design can negatively affect users’ impression of the site and cause them to leave the site. Moreover, web design is an element that can affect the reliability of the brand in the eyes of the user. For all these reasons, it is necessary to avoid creating bad web design and give web design the attention it deserves. In addition to the issues we mentioned, web design can affect the ease of use, speed and functionality of the site.

How Should the Design of a Web Site Be?

We talked about what web design is, its importance and how it is done. Now let’s talk about how the design of a website should be. If we need to mention briefly, some of the elements to be considered when making web design are as follows:

  • Functionality: Elements such as buttons and links on the site should work properly and it should be ensured that there is no deterioration in functionality due to design errors.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Since the use of smartphones is quite common today, the site design should be compatible with mobile devices.
  • Site Hierarchy: Important elements should be more prominent.
  • Easy to Use: Attention should be paid to the user experience. Elements such as easy navigation and organisation of content are important in this regard.
  • Typography: Issues such as fonts used in the content and font size should be determined in accordance with the general design.
  • Colour Harmony: Colours compatible with each other and the brand should be used in the design.
  • Page Speed: The design created should not negatively affect the page speed.

Does Web Design Require Coding?

Coding is a process that intimidates many people. Therefore, you may be wondering whether it is necessary to know coding to do web design. Performing the design process with coding from scratch to make web design is one of the methods that can be used. However, it is not necessary to know coding for web design. Web design can be done without knowing coding. For this, a website theme suitable for this process is selected. Then, this theme is installed on the functional website and the web design process is started. During this process, changes are made to the selected theme in accordance with the planned design. Depending on the freedom offered by the theme in this regard, changes can be made in areas such as header and footer, as well as elements such as sidebox, site layout, colours. Thus, the web design process can be realised and brand elements such as logos can be added to the design.

How to Become a Web Designer? What Should a Web Designer Know?

In order to become a web designer, training and certification programmes can be used. To become a web designer, it is not necessary to receive formal training on this subject. However, it is important to be knowledgeable about the subject and to be able to produce good works. According to the method to be used, what the web designer needs to know may differ. For example, if designing with coding from scratch, the relevant coding languages should be learnt.

Is Web Design Difficult to Learn?

If you want to work in this field, you may be wondering whether it is difficult to learn web design. The difficulty of learning web design may vary from person to person. The method to be used in design is also a factor that can affect the difficulty of learning web design. There are many online resources for learning web design. In addition to the free guides on the internet, you can work on learning web design with the help of online training programmes.

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