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Accelerate Your Marketing Without Increasing Your Headcount

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"We can count on them to constantly bring new ideas to the table"

Alişan Tekinler , Founder - Software Development Expert

SEO Tools

SEO Tools can serve in many areas and can fulfill the needs of multiple plugins with a single plugin. With the tools used by SEO Experts, it is possible to make website building easier.

Technical SEO, General SEO structure, keyword identification and SEO tools used for market analysis; free and paid options are available for everyone to use.

Seo Tools Preferred by Experts


What are the SEO Tools Used by SEO Experts?

SEO Technology is improving itself every day in terms of paid and free tools. In addition to the tools that offer the opportunity to reach the solution directly with paid tools, it is possible to reach solution-oriented SEO tools with free options.

The tools used by experts are changing day by day, but if we choose among the SEO tools that have come, here is a list of SEO tools;

  • Screaming Frog,
  • Semrush,
  • Ahrefs,
  • Answer The Public,
  • Majestic,
  • SiteChecker Pro.

Since each SEO tool has different features in itself, it may be necessary to benefit from all of them in order to build a quality SEO structure. Some tools can also offer features that all tools offer with their premium features.

Screaming Frog SEO Tools

Screaming Frog is an extremely useful tool that has recently been used to organize the SEO structure and reach the right SEO structure.

Screaming Frog, which is available in both free and paid versions, allows you to see your websites with “Google-like” features and detect missing and erroneous parts. The tool, which gives you the right to review 500 URLs in the free version, comes with more features in the free version.

Crawl depth, referral tracking, website technical SEO analysis, analysis for speed optimization, all situations that will directly affect the user experience can be examined.

The plugin which allows the site architecture to be examined and organized in the most accurate way, has recently been frequently preferred by SEO experts.

Semrush SEO Tools

Semrush, which also comes to the fore with its free alternatives in SEO Tools, includes all the SEO tools that a website can search for in its paid version.

  • Keyword analysis,
  • Site analysis,
  • Rank tracking,
  • Keyword search volume checks,
  • Analyzing backlinks and detecting harmful backlinks,
  • Analyze traffic to the website and monitor organic traffic,
  • Competitor site analysis,
  • To be able to do sector and market research.

Many features such as these are available in Semrush. Although some features are offered for free and some are offered in the trial version, the Premium version is important for a quality SEO analysis.

Semrush is among the most preferred SEO tools, especially thanks to its keyword analysis and keyword density options.

Ahrefs SEO Tools

Ahrefs is a highly advanced software in terms of free features that is at least as preferred as Semrush tools. While general site analysis can be done with free options, the paid version allows the examination of many options related to SEO, especially technical SEO.

  • Analyzing and organizing website search results with SERP Analysis,
  • Ability to build internal and external link structure with paid and free link structure,
  • Find challenging and easy keywords with keyword research tools,
  • Finding appropriate keywords according to the authority of your site with competitor analysis and sector analysis.

In addition to SEO tools such as SEO tools such as measuring your site speed, confirming that external links are safe and insecure, it is possible to access the analyzes required for SEO with a single click.

Answer The Public Best SEO Tool

Answer The Public tool, which is in the category of SEO tools used by SEO Experts and is recognized as the best SEO tools in its field, allows you to perform detailed keyword analysis in a visualized way.

It goes into full detail on the keyword you searched for and lists other related keywords that users search for on the internet.

Answer The Public, which lists sub-searches and support searches for the keyword you searched for, is known for making it easy to create headlines and topics for content, especially in content construction.

As with every SEO tool this tool has premium and freemium options. Premium options provide more detailed research, while freemium options provide more superficial research that plays an important role in some keywords.

Majestic Marketing and Value Analysis Tool

When using SEO tools it is indispensable to use tools that analyze website value. Majestic is an SEO tool that is frequently used by SEO experts and acts as a marketing tool.

  • Rank tracking,
  • Competitor analysis,
  • Market research,
  • Site health checks,
  • Site value analysis,
  • Keyword identification and depth analysis.

The tool used especially for keyword, competitor analysis and site value analysis. It draws attention with its “The Majestic Million” option. The biggest factor is that it has many different features and is used for keyword analysis.

With the advanced keyword tool, you can provide competitor analysis during keyword research, as well as show keywords that can rise according to your site. It is an SEO tool used especially for new sites to rise and old sites to be optimized.

SiteChecker Pro Comprehensive Data Analytics

SEO Tools generally come up with keyword analysis and search volume analysis, but there is no single point to focus on in terms of technical SEO.

It is very important to identify the weak areas of the sites, organize the features and make them more useful for the end user.

SiteChecker Pro SEO tool provides this in the best way. Regardless of large, small and medium-sized websites, it can make suggestions that will increase the end user experience with the analysis it provides.

  • Backlink tracking,
  • Harmful backlink detection,
  • Site ranking tracking,
  • Speed analysis,
  • Analyzing site errors.

Sitechecker Pro can provide all the necessary suggestions for a website to work properly with options such as. It is also very important that it hosts all the tools known as “important tools” in the SEO industry.

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