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Accelerate Your Marketing Without Increasing Your Headcount

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Alişan Tekinler , Founder - Software Development Expert

Best Domain Name Providers

What are domain name providers? What is a domain name and how to buy a domain name? What are the things to consider when buying a domain name? It is a subject that should be mastered at least some technical information for those who decide to open or build a website.
Most Preferred Domain Providers


A domain name is the “home address” of a website and it is very important to understand the concept of home address. In order for a website to have a place on the internet, it must have its own special address. Addresses known as IP Addresses are defined for each site.

Although IP addresses seem to be sufficient, domain name providers need to be supported so that the end user can find your website.

A domain name, also known as a domain, is simply the address of a website on the internet. It is specific to sites and is renewed with the annual renewal.

What is a Domain Name? How to Choose a Domain Name?

What is a domain name? If we go into a little more detail about it. A domain name is a more easily readable and memorable version of the IP address that websites have. For example, you can use to access, or you can use

The textual expression that will replace the IP address in question is called “Domain name” or “Domain”. It comes across as a must-have when making a website. However, it is not a very important option if you have a website that is not publicly available.

Domain and Hosting are the most confused ones at this point. Domain name is the address of the website and domain is the home of the website at the address. Having hosting without a domain means having only the address. In order to set up a website, domain and hosting must be at the same time.

What is a Domain Name Authority?

What is domain authority? Do domain extensions provide authority? Technically yes, especially in the past, many users who have built websites on niche topics have taken care to include the keyword in the keyword.

Although this situation has been prevented with updates today, the authoritativeness provided by domain extensions still continues. Unfortunately, a website’s .com extension and .xyz extension do not have the same value for Google.

Authority can also be increased with options such as content uploaded in the past and backlinks, but choosing domain extensions correctly will start you a few steps ahead in this area.

  • .com,
  • .net,
  • .org,
  • .info,
  • .us,
  • .store,

Although the extension ranking, which is ranked as such, does not have a direct meaning for Google, it is of great importance for the end user. The end user prefers websites that have the most accurate domain in terms of reliability. For this reason, websites with domain extensions such as .com inevitably create a more secure feeling.

What to Consider When Buying a Domain Name?

What should be considered when buying a domain name? Some details should be considered in general terms rather than technical details.

Although the general considerations are the domain name and its extension, great care is also needed in terms of domain name providers.

Before buying a domain name, it’s more important than you think to do a background check. For this, you can get help from the system known as the Wayback Machine, which stores the history of websites. The sector in which a domain name has been used in the past is very important for the sector you will enter.

For example, you are considering providing services for SEO and the domain name you will buy has been used to provide SEO services in previous years, which allows you to be recognized as authoritative by Google.

Although you will be more authoritative, this situation also has the situation of being a harmful website.

If you buy a domain name that has previously been banned from Google, you may experience serious drops in your Google rankings or even no rankings at all.

  • Set a domain name with an authoritative value,
  • Make sure the extension is catchy and reassuring,
  • Avoid complex structures, numbers and shapes,
  • Identify short and memorable, concise keywords if possible,
  • If you serve in a niche category, your keyword should also be included in the url structure if possible,
  • You should find domains that have not been used before,
  • You should work with the right domain name provider sites and get quality service,
  • You should not avoid paying extra for a dedicated IP address.

What is a Private IP Address? Why is it Important?

Buying a domain is not just about determining its name and buying it if it is available. When buying a domain, you should even pay attention to whether it has been used in the past, but there is one more detail that should not be overlooked.

Sites that want to have growth-oriented, quality returns need to move their domains to a dedicated IP address when or after they buy them. Especially many companies that sell “cheap domain names” host their domains in a single IP pool.

This should be looked at in terms of how important your neighbors at your address are. When you invite a guest to your address, if you have annoying neighbors, they are unlikely to come back.

Google works exactly like this guest. If your domain is in a pool IP and your neighbors are spam sites, unwanted sites, it will directly affect your ranking.

As a solution, you can move the IP address of your domain to a different IP address that is not neighbors by providing extra payments.

Most Preferred Domain Providers in Turkey

When buying a domain name, you can choose Turkish domain name providers as well as domain name providers that serve globally. Domain names, which are indexed to the dollar exchange rate in terms of pricing, can sometimes be offered cheaper by Turkish providers. Here are the Turkish domain name sites you can choose.


While there are many options for purchasing domain names, Natro is one of the most preferred domain name providers in our country.

Natro, which manages to stand out from its competitors thanks to its fast purchasing feature, easy-to-use interface, fast technical support, is also one of the most preferred due to the campaigns it provides.

Although there are Turkish domain name sites, natro, the domain name provider site that best represents our country globally, is also preferred with hosting and mail sales.


İsimtescil is another quality domain company that can be preferred among Turkish sites for domain and hosting. İsimtescil, which can offer free preliminary research and trademark registration along with registration features. It allows you to go corporate with a few clicks.

In addition to advanced IP pools, it is possible to reach authoritative domains that are loved and respected by Google with the special IP options offered. In addition to providing services for many extensions, cheap domain purchases can also be provided with regular campaigns.

Atak Domain

With Atak Domain, buying an international domain is easier than you think. Atak Domain, which offers access to country-specific domain names, allows you to have your domain name in a few minutes with easy interface usage.

In addition to providing authoritative extensions, you can purchase domains in many areas with the gift domain names it offers.

In addition to easy transfer options, it can make your websites more authoritative than competing sites with the simple private IP support it provides.


Vargonen, one of the Turkish domain name sites, has an expert and leading structure in the sector with the cloud-based services it provides.

In addition to being constantly up-to-date and solution-oriented, it is preferred for premium solutions, as it is among the most preferred ones. Thanks to the cloud-based service technology it provides, it has an important service structure not only in domain but also in hosting.

Vargonen, which allows the purchase of domain names on a global scale, hosts many authoritative extensions, especially country extensions.

IHS Telekom

IHS Telekom is a domain provider site that serves in our country and has not only Turkish users but also global users.

In addition to providing free SSL, it offers the best option for domain and hosting with its high-speed SSD servers.

In addition to many features such as 24/7 Live support, solutions to problems as soon as possible, purchasing and managing global domains through a single panel; It is frequently preferred by new and old users with its easy-to-use interface.

Dünya’da En Çok Tercih Edilen Alan Adı Sağlayıcıları

Which are the Turkish domain name sites? We have compiled the best quality and preferable domain name sites in the title. So, what are the Global domain name sites?

Although it is possible to buy domain names that provide global service through Turkish domain name provider sites, the location of domain names is also very important. For this reason, it would be best to buy a domain name through sites that provide hosting in other countries to provide a global service.

Users who want to create a website, especially in a foreign language, should turn to global resources and focus on overseas solutions. So, which domain name providers can be preferred globally?


GoDaddy is notable for its global reach as well as for being very successful in its field. Providing domain names with constantly updated campaigns, GoDaddy is the best option to choose with high discounts on annual purchases.

In addition to offering important services such as country domains, high authority extensions, domain and hosting services, mail services and trademark registration, it also offers support for easy website construction with site editor hosting.

Thanks to its cheap private IP address definition, it manages to be the most preferred global domain name provider by getting ahead of its competitors.


As the name suggests, NameCheap, a cheap domain name provider, attracts attention by providing services in many areas.

  • WordPress hosting,
  • VPN providers,
  • Linux Hosting,
  • Windows Hosting.

NameCheap offers options such as. With its servers originating from abroad, it can offer important factors to open a foreign website through Turkey. Easy-to-use interface, 3D payment options, payment and commitment with a few clicks


Dynadot is a company that is one step ahead of other domain name providers in terms of security and can provide bulk domain purchase and organization.

It allows you to sell domains globally with easy transfer options, free domain parking, and easy domain sales.

Dynadot, where you can edit custom IP options when purchasing and/or later, is optimized by Google for foreign searches with its servers located abroad and providing services.

In addition to high discounts on annual purchases, it allows you to check the status of your domains in bulk with bulk domain satatus options.


IONOS, which provides full 1-year usage for 1$ for some domains, is one of the few companies that are not well known in our country but provide quality service on a global scale.

In addition to providing cheap domains, with its servers located abroad and providing fast returns, even the IP address can be established within a few minutes. In addition to the specially defined IP addresses, you can also stay away from extra expenses in domain purchase with SSL support offered free of charge.

IONOS, whose main purpose is to provide domains, also draws attention with its hosting options available globally and in fast regions.


Hostinger is one of the global domain name sites and may be the most preferred domain name provider site globally.

  • High speed servers,
  • Special acceleration services for domain names and hosting,
  • Data centers located globally,
  • Ability to benefit from all-in-one services with a single service purchase,
  • Easy website building with the site builder tool,
  • Free domain service with hosting purchases,
  • 24/7 active and solution-oriented customer support.

With its options, Hostinger is the most preferred domain name provider site in our country and globally. In addition to making it easier to have a website with high discounts from time to time, it also plays an important role in creating quality sites with the support of artificial intelligence.


Bluehost domain allows you to register your domain name in multiple domains at once, with almost unlimited extension options. If the domain name you are looking for has already been purchased, you can purchase another domain name with the alternative options it provides.

In addition to offering high discount rates for annual purchases, you can also benefit from attack protection, private IP options and whois information hiding services in the package.

Bluehost is one of the most preferred domain name registration sites globally, especially in our country. Bluehost, which also allows the sale of quality domain names with domain parking options, is the most preferred option for domain buying and selling with its easy-to-use interface and easy transfer options.

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