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Accelerate Your Marketing Without Increasing Your Headcount

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"We can count on them to constantly bring new ideas to the table"

Alişan Tekinler , Founder - Software Development Expert

Most Preferred Hosting Companies in Turkey

What are web hosting providers? What are the things to consider when choosing a web hosting provider? Shall we go into a little detail about this term that those who have a website or are thinking of opening a website often have to research?
The Most Preferred Web Hosting Providers


The establishment of a website is possible thanks to web hosting providers. These providers host the storage areas of websites and provide the software support required for their operation. Providers that are important as a service location are very important for end users to use your websites quickly.

Hosting providers, where the website is obtained by combining with domain names taken from domain name providers, attract attention with their cheapness and quality selection.

Well, what are the details of hosting? What should be considered when buying?

What is Hosting? What Should Be Considered When Buying Hosting?

What is hosting, also known as web hosting providers? Web hosting providers are important server services that provide the storage of the basic files required for your websites to work and process them with software to make your site work.

Web hosting providers determine the speed of a website and the features it can provide. Hosting companies have multiple options in terms of the advantages they can provide.

Many technical details such as server storage capacity, processor power, ram memory ratios are important details to consider when hosting.

  • Individual hosting should be selected according to the usage area, not shared,
  • Storage space and speed should be sufficient for your website,
  • The server location should be close to the country you want to serve,
  • It must have a sufficient CPU rate to run your plugins correctly,
  • RAM should be rich in memory and be able to complete operations quickly,
  • There should be no monthly traffic limitation and no speed reduction after traffic limitation,
  • It should have the ability to host more than one domain according to the usage area.

In addition to many options, you need to pay attention not to be shared hosting when choosing hosting. If the website you will set up is only a placeholder website, it will not be a problem to use shared hosting services.

What is Shared Hosting? Should You Use It?

Shared hosting is the basic service offered by almost all web hosting provider sites. Although shared hosting basically seems to be in a smooth structure, it is the type of hosting service that will cause your site to run slowly according to the wear rates of the servers.

Shared Hosting options preferred for being cheap and easy to access. It is one of the most preferred types for new, small websites.

This service, which works differently from individual hosting servers; It allows other sites to serve besides your website. This situation can also be described as having several websites installed on a single physical server.

The allocation of the resources of the physical server to shared and equal web sites is called shared hosting service. These shared services are usually;

  • CPU power,
  • RAM Power of use,
  • Storage space capacity,
  • Bank width limit.

Although these areas are common in these areas, many different positive features are often encountered as a result of shared hosting services;

  • SSL certificates provided completely free of charge,
  • Domain names offered free of charge with hosting,
  • Automatic and regular backups,
  • Easy-to-use support with panels such as cPanel, Plesk Panel,
  • Regular scanning and checking with security software.

Although it’s regularly checked with security tools, the virus security of files and sites is something to be skeptical about with shared hosting.

What Are the Best Web Hosting Providers

When choosing web hosting services, care should be taken to serve in your location. This is a situation that needs extra attention, especially if you are going to serve in another country.

For this reason, before receiving service from a hosting company, it should be noted that it hosts many details expected to be provided from the web hosting service. Sometimes purchasing a domain through the hosting company can also provide advantageous package prices.

Here are the best web hosting providers we have compiled for you.

Best Hosting Companies


Hostinger, which is at the top of the sector, draws attention not only with the domain service it provides but also with its hosting service. In addition to having faster servers compared to its competitors, it is quite possible to access servers located abroad with customizable server positioning and high speeds according to the service you will provide.

  • Free domain service,
  • 24/7 Customer service,
  • Free website migration services,
  • Easy website building with integrated website build plugins,
  • Cheap but high quality hosting,
  • Free SSL services.

Many options such as providing Hostinger website among the available hosting provider companies.


Cenuta, is one of the fastest hosting service providers in our country. It offers completely free lifetime SSL support as well as 100% Turkish and free cPanel support, allowing easy, simple management of your websites.

With pricing in Turkish Lira, it provides the biggest alternative for websites affected by the dollar exchange rate.

It is one of the most preferred due to the variety of servers it provides as well as its high star customer feedback.

  • WordPress hosting,
  • Unlimited hosting,
  • Reseller hosting,
  • Windows hosting.

You can access a wide range of hosting options in an easy and single interface with Cenuta web server provider.

Güzel Hosting

Güzel Hosting, is another quality hosting provider company serving in our country. In addition to offering high quality products, it is also capable of being preferred with its service in many areas.

  • Domain name purchasing services,
  • Virtual server services,
  • Reseller hosting services,
  • Web hosting services,
  • Radio hosting services.

In addition to enabling you to purchase services in many areas, it also gives you access to high-rate features.

You can find the most suitable service structure you are looking for by choosing between Windows and Linux hosting options from Güzel Hosting services.


Natro Hosting, is a hosting service provider that is at least as preferred as other Turkish web hosting providers and is at an important point in our country.

In addition to completing transactions such as domain purchases and hosting purchases through a single panel, it has always managed to keep its selection rate high thanks to the extra advantages it offers.

It provides hosting and domain name services for many websites in our country. With regular discounts, Natro is the provider to choose for cheap but quality service.


Turhost hosting provider services stand out with their high unshared traffic rates and tier 3 infrastructure. With its 99% uptime record, it ensures that your websites are always up.

With quality internet, quality server performance, high performance but low price options, it is the web hosting provider that serves in our country and provides the best service.

Turhost, which is among the best web hosting providers, can provide you with cheap hosting support and enable you to have a website with a few clicks on a single panel.


Alastyr hosting allows you to access a quality website with a few clicks thanks to its cheap but unlimited traffic servers.

  • Unlimited hosting options,
  • WordPress hosting options,
  • Honeymoon Hosting options,
  • Mail Hosting options.

Allows you to access exactly the services you need with options like


Serving with its powerful infrastructure, Veridyen is the most affordable provider that can be preferred with its hosting, packages that are suitable for almost every budget and project.

Providing technical support, having powerful servers, providing services for almost every domain, but also having affordable prices makes Veridyen web hosting provider preferable.

In addition to hosting services, Veridyen, which attracts attention with its domain services, provides high discounts in package and long-term domain and hosting purchases.

Net İnternet

Net internet is not only a hosting service but also a cheap internet service provider with high speeds.

  • Virtual SSD VDS server rental,
  • Cabin internet rental with cabin rental,
  • Physical and virtual server rental,
  • Server hosting services,
  • Email hosting services.

You can access services such as Net internet. Net internet, which attracts attention with its low ping rates and high speed rates, is preferable not only for hosting but also for internet service.


Vargonen, with its cloud solutions service, you can benefit from not only hosting but also domain services.

Providing options such as high storage areas, high connection speeds, Vargonen provides the best hosting service in the field with its cloud services.

Vargonen, which is preferable in the category of web hosting providers and solutions, allows you to have hosting suitable for heavy working conditions with high database traffic options.


Verigom, is another quality web hosting provider serving in our country. In addition to the hosting and domain provided at the dollar exchange rate, Verigom, which provides pricing in Turkish Lira, is preferred for its price as well as the advantages it provides.

  • VDS server services,
  • Web hosting services,
  • Corporate hosting services,
  • Physical server services.

Verigom, which provides services in many areas such as, provides the right environment for you to reach fast solutions by offering cheap options in the domain area. Regardless of small or large websites, service purchases can be made through Verigom.

This list, which consists of the companies that host the most websites in Turkey, also consists of companies that open up to global markets in our country and pioneer the technology in this field.

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