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Accelerate Your Marketing Without Increasing Your Headcount

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"We can count on them to constantly bring new ideas to the table"

Alişan Tekinler , Founder - Software Development Expert

Yoast SEO vs Rank Math SEO Differences and Features

Yoast SEO vs Rank Math SEO farkları nelerdir, özellikleri ve hangisinin kullanıldığı önemli mi?
Rank Math ve Yoast arasındaki farklar.

WordPress siteleri için kullanılabilecek sayısız SEO eklentisi bulunuyor. Söz konusu eklentiler web sayfalarınızı ve içeriklerinizi en iyi şekilde optimize edebilmeniz için imkanlar sunmakta. Söz konusu sektör içerisinde eklentilerin sundukları açısından büyük oranda rekabet bulunuyor.


Although some SEO plugins offer raw content SEO support, many plugins that lead the industry come up with multiple features. Yoast SEO and Rank Math SEO, which have the most contention among the plugins, are in the category of the best among themselves.

So, what are the differences betweenYoast and Rank Math plugins?
Which one would be the right one to prefer?

What is Yoast SEO Plugin?

Yoast SEO plugin is a plugin used to optimise WordPress sites for search engines without any code knowledge. The plugin, which attracts attention with its use on millions of websites, offers professional solutions as well as being free.

  • RSS Publishing support,
  • Integrated sitemap creation,
  • Easy internal connection construction,
  • Readability and technical SEO optimisation,
  • Advanced social media link cards,
  • Reporting problems that may occur in WordPress with advanced reporting system.

Features such as Yoast SEO are offered completely free of charge and stand out as remarkable features.

The plugin, which has a content checklist in itself, allows you to write content more easily, as well as prevent SEO details that you overlook. It is also frequently preferred when creating technical SEO in terms of providing the possibility of editing as a performance structure.

Together with Yoast SEO with detailed optimisation support;

  • In-content SEO structure,
  • Technical SEO structure,
  • Title and meta description edits,
  • Making images suitable for SEO

You can organise many tricky operations such as, etc. through a single panel and make it the best for your site.

Although it offers more options than many plugins with its free features, it can also attract attention with its premium features. Especially the fact that features such as local SEO are in premium options and work better than their competitors can be shown as enough reason to buy Yoast Premium.

With the premium option, you not only get a lot of useful tools, but also a lot of educational content. Priority technical support and security updates are also included.

What are the Advantages of Yoast SEO Plugin?

  • Easy to use,
  • Built-in content analysis feature,
  • Ability to view how content and pages will appear in SERP,
  • Detailed SEO checklist,
  • Special SEO settings options, especially Local SEO,
  • Detailed XML sitemap feature,
  • Ability to provide detailed feed transfer with RSS,
  • Use the suggestions for internal links and build the right link structure,
  • It has detailed adjustments for technical SEO,
  • High performance experience with low CPU utilisation,
  • To be able to have the most appropriate keyword with the keyword research tool,
  • It has more features and offers more detailed use than its free competitors.

Yoast SEO may not seem to have much difference compared to the Rank Math SEO tool, but when it comes to the technical part, it is quite clear that both plugins are quite different from each other and their competitors.

Rank Math and Yoast plugin are equally preferred by SEO Experts and users who do SEO work in technical terms.

Rank Math SEO Eklentisi Nedir?

Rank Math SEO Plugin is an SEO editing plugin that allows technical and general SEO settings to be made and is preferred by almost every site using WordPress infrastructure. After becoming as popular as Yoast SEO, it has managed to become a competitor against Yoast SEO and has caused the debate on whether Yoast or Rank Math by SEO experts today.

Rank Math SEO Plugin which allows you to edit the technical and general SEO structure with its free features as well as providing a quality service as Yoast SEO, is preferred by many WordPress sites that have been opened recently.

  • Suitable for optimising site speed,
  • It has a simple interface and can be used by everyone,
  • 404 Monitor and options to observe and redirect error pages,
  • With the social media sharing setting, you can choose how the links will appear on social media,
  • Do not allow technical and general SEO settings to be changed without any code knowledge,
  • Robots.txt file can be edited with one click,
  • Easy editable schema structure,
  • With AI Support, you can see how useful your content is.

Although AI support is a premium feature, it is possible to make excellent SEO settings with the Rank Math SEO plugin without having premium features.

What are the Advantages of Rank Math SEO Plugin?

Rank Math SEO has many advantages in itself. These are;

  • Simple interface can be used by everyone,
  • Providing technical and general SEO settings with its easily editable structure,
  • Providing site speed optimisation,
  • It does not create load on the server by using low CPU values,
  • Access to every technical setting via a single panel,
  • Easy to build link structure with internal link suggestion,
  • Automatic and easy XML Feed page creation,
  • Ability to edit SERP Results directly and list the content as desired,
  • The free features are sufficient for all purposes.

Options such as Rank Math SEO provide advantages in its use. Although these are advantages, a website that is started to be used with the Rank Math SEO Plugin is likely to experience great difficulties during the SEO plugin change.

When all the settings made by Rank Math are gone, all adjustments will need to be made again for the pages.

Yoast SEO vs Rank Math SEO Plugins Differences and Features

Many users who want to work on the SEO side are between Yoast SEO Plugin vs Rank Math SEO plugin. Although both serve the same purpose and provide ease of use, the situation is quite different.

While Rank Math SEO has been frequently preferred recently, Yoast SEO plugin has started to appear as the least preferred SEO plugin. It is frequently discussed in the SEO agenda that Yoast SEO plugin provides the best support for free experience.

It is also a known fact that the use of Rank Math SEO is more preferred if premium features are turned on.

Rank Math SEO Plugin

  • It can be used without premium features, but premium features are required for some features,
  • With AI Support, you can improve the readability and knowledge section of your content,
  • You can complete your local SEO settings by making special adjustments with Local SEO support,
  • You can have fast websites because it automatically provides content and site speed optimization,
  • With the SEO Checklist, the things you need to pay attention to while preparing your content are always in front of you.

Yoast SEO Plugin

  • A recommended SEO plugin that can be used without premium features,
  • Options to suggest and generate keywords based on overall Google search volume without AI support,
  • Rank Math has fewer SEO checklists than the SEO plugin, but the checklist is more detailed,
  • It offers support for Local SEO,
  • It has simple interfaces for setting up technical SEO,
  • Advanced SERP tuning features,
  • CPU usage is at least as low as Rank Math SEO.

Although SEO plugins are competitors at some point, they draw attention with similar values in terms of their features. It is quite difficult to switch to another plugin by Rank Math SEO, Yoast and Rank Math do not have details that differ from each other with their features for the moment.

Considering that Rank Math SEO plugin is used more today, it can appear as the plugin with the most content in terms of technical support.

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